Diversity, Inclusion, and PittPharmacy

We believe that a special and powerful synergy evolves from a diverse community with an inclusive culture. Inclusion and diversity are part of the context in which we make every decision. We celebrate our past and introduce new paths to the future.

We are increasing awareness of unconscious bias and inspiring students to embrace diversity.

In the Clinic

steve zona

Students participate in a weekly Spanish-Language clinic where they provide care to non-English speaking individuals.

In the Community

rock the block

Our students reach out to the diverse communities where we live and work and promote health and wellness through optimizing the use of medications.

In the Classroom

LGBTQ elective

PharmD students meet in a new elective where the needs of the LGBTQ community are addressed. These include cultural competency and inclusive language, screening and diagnosis, hormone replacement therapy, psychotherapy, primary and preventative care, and advocacy.

In the Way We Function as a School

PittPharmacy Retreat

Staff and faculty participate in a retreat focusing on the awareness of implicit bias and ways to counter its impact on the way we treat each other and our students.


We are a PittPharmacy family that fosters diversity in all we do.

But this isn’t new. PittPharmacy has honored diversity and inclusion for more than 100 years.

class of 1895

We have been admitting women and African Americans since the earliest classes of our school, and earlier than most schools of pharmacy. Pictured here is Mrs. Gertrude Scranton in the class of 1895.

class of 1919

University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy Class of 1919.

Ella P. Stewart

Ella P. Stewart was admitted in 1914 and earned her degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1916, becoming the first African American female pharmacist in the state of Pennsylvania.

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