Program: PhD
Track: Biochemical Pharmacology
Advisor: Paul A. Johnston, PhD

Graduated from John Carroll University with a Bachelor's of Science and majoring in cell and molecular biology. Research with Dr. Michael Martin at John Carroll University focused on yeast genetics specifically, the U6 subunit of the spliceosome and certain molecular players that altered U6 expression.

Other Previous research includes work with Dr. Edwin Jackson, with focus on the class of type II diabetes drug known as dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitors and the possible renal complications in hypertensive vs normotensive rodent populations. As well my focus in the Jackson lab was to identify the CXCR4 receptor and discern if its ligand SDF-1 alpha had an efficacious results when coupled to DPP-IV inhibitor treatment in both rodent populations.

Current research interests include combination cancer drug research looking into drug synergism and developing methods for selection of rationale drug combinations for cancer treatment. Additionally, my interests have reached to use of 3D cell culture models to characterize drug response in a more physiologically relevant in vitro model.

My research interests include the development of screening strategies for the identification of synergistic cancer drug combinations in both 2D and 3D cancer tissue models. These screening strategies seek to identify, score, and confirm favorable pharmacological interactions between drug combinations in order to provide a platform for in vivo studies of our drug combinations in other laboratories. Lastly, we are interested in the design and characterization of 3D multicellular tumor spheroids for HNSCC and other cancer types to better analyze drug responses in 3D as a potential tool for pre-clinical study of putative anticancer compounds.