Lindsay is a Project Manager for the Rohan Lab. She earned her PharmD and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and is involved in microbicide research, as it relates to both basic science and clinical trials.

Her laboratory experience and knowledge includes preformulation evaluations to test the physical and chemical stability of compounds of interest; formulation development and assessments of pharmaceutical dosage forms including semisolids and polymeric films; ex vivo human tissue experiments like drug permeability studies; tissue processing methods including paraffin embedding and microtome sectioning; and biochemical and analytical chemistry techniques including IHC and HPLC.

As a project manager in the Rohan Lab, Lindsay incorporates scientific, regulatory, and administrative aspects of pharmaceutical research in order to oversee ongoing projects. Additionally, Lindsay is a pharmacist for the Microbicide Trials Network and assists with study product management activities for the associated clinical trials.