Program: PhD
Track: MedChem
Advisor: Peter Wipf, PhD

Zoe Vaughn is a Second Year Pharmaceutical Science PhD student specializing in Medicinal Chemistry under the advisement of Dr. Donna Huryn. Zoe works on synthesizing molecules that have the potential to help treat a variety of ailments such as Acute Kidney Injury, AKI, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancers. In a collaboration with Dr. Neil Hukriede in the developmental biology department Zoe works on an AKI induced zebrafish assays to test the efficacy of compounds that are synthesized in the Huryn Lab.

Zoe Vaughn’s research interest consist mainly of organic synthesis of molecules to help treat a variety of ailments such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. Zoe also has an interest in testing the compounds that are synthesized to generate hits for the desired target to treat these diseases.