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Program: PhD
Track: Biochemical Pharmacology
Advisor: Da Yang, MD, PhD

I graduated from Stony Brook University with B.S degree in 2018. Then I came to Pitt School of Pharmacy for a Master's degree. I am a Ph.D. student currently in Dr. Da Yang's lab. My research focuses on pharmacogenetics and cancer biology.

1. The role of long non-coding RNA (lncRNAs) in cancer immunology.
2. High-throughput screening such as CRISPR, ChIP, eCLIP help us to identify the critical genes in cancer-related phenotypes such as drug resistance, proliferation, immune response, etc.
3. The potential mechanism of how lncRNAs regulate transcription factors (TFs) and downstream targets.
4. Test the inhibitors of FDA-approved treated cancer in vivo with genetic perturbations.
5. Study the synergic effect of combination therapy (immunotherapy and other target inhibitors) in vivo.