Evan's hometown is Greensburg, Pa. He is a recent graduate from the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy. His career objective is to one day own his own independent pharmacy and use that platform to give back to his local community. He believes the pharmacist must serve as an asset to their community and approach patient care with both empathy, and the desire to play a vital role in the health and well-being of being of each and every one of their patients. This year as a PGY1 community pharmacy resident, he is seeking to broaden his knowledge and hone his skills as a pharmacist so that he may more effectively provide the best care possible for his patients. He is interested in entrepreneurship and marketing strategies involving various social media platforms to promote the practice of pharmacy. For fun, Evan enjoys sampling craft beer at local breweries in addition to trying out new coffee shops and brunch spots. You can also find him snowboarding or playing guitar.