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Morgan A Butrovich, PharmD

Office: 222 Salk Pavilion



Program: PhD
Track: Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences
Advisor: Thomas D. Nolin, PharmD, PhD, FCCP, FCP, FASN

Morgan A Butrovich is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Pharmaceutical Scientist Program in Dr. Tom Nolin's lab. Her research interests include assessment of kidney function and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling of renal and nonrenal drug clearance in the setting of decreased kidney function, particularly in cancer patients.

Morgan received a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Pitt Pharmacy in 2017, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) with an Area of Concentration in Research from Pitt Pharmacy in 2019, and a Certificate in Clinical and Translational Sciences for Doctoral Students in the Health Sciences from the Pitt Institute for Clinical Research Education in 2021. She is a registered pharmacist in Pennsylvania.


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