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Kim Coccodrilli Coley, PharmD, FCCP is a Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.

Dr. Coley's research focuses on evaluating clinical outcomes of medications and examining patient and system factors that impact beneficial and adverse outcomes to medications. She has worked extensively with clinical electronic medical records to evaluate drug safety and effectiveness in large patient cohorts. Additionally, Dr. Coley conducts patient-centered research that focuses on the role of the pharmacist in improving medication adherence and patient outcomes in the community and during care transitions.

She is particularly interested in the changing roles of pharmacists in the current health care environment and study the impact of new pharmacy care models. Dr. Coley serves on several national pharmacy award panels and is a reviewer for numerous psychiatry and pharmacy journals.

Dr. Coley conducts pharmacy practice-based research focusing on developing and implementing innovative patient care models in a community pharmacy setting.

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2017 - PPA Preceptor of the Year
2017 - APhA-APPM Presentation Merit Award
2012 - ASHP-APhA Best Practice in Transitions of Care
2012 - ACCP Adult Medicine PRN Best Poster Award

The Pennsylvania Pharmacist Care Network: Keys to Building Partnerships that Facilitate Patient-Care Services Offered by Pennsylvania Community Pharmacists. Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association 2017 Midyear Conference. Lancaster, PA. 2017

Implementing Value-Based Collaborations to Improve Immunizations: Three Demonstration Projects. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA. 2017.

Utilizing Community Pharmacy Prescription Dispensing Data to Identify Opportunities for Pharmacist-Physician Collaboration. Community Pharmacy Foundation. 2017-2018. Co-Investigator

Improving vaccination rates through community partnerships and technology. NACDS/CDC. 2016-2018. Primary Investigator

NACDS Foundation Community Pharmacy Advanced Faculty Scholars Program. NACDS Foundation. Co-Primary Investigator

Pharmacist Led Interventions on Transitions of Seniors. Jewish Healthcare Foundation. 2013-2015. Primary Investigator

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