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Chih-Jung Chen, BS

Office: 222 Salk Pavilion

Phone: (412) 624-8137


Program: MS (Thesis)
Track: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology
Advisor: Zhiwei Feng, PhD

Chih-Jung Chen is an MS-Thesis student in the Pharmaceutical Sciences program in Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology Track at the University of Pittsburgh School of pharmacy in Dr. Xie’s lab. She got her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Kaohsiung Medical University. Her research mainly focuses on the Molecular Complex Characterizing System (MCCS) and binding characterization of proteins and ligands.

Chih-Jung's research mainly focuses on the development and application of Molecular Complex Characterizing System (MCCS). MCCS is a scoring function-based in-silico method that can characterize the recognition of the receptor-ligand binding. It can generate the binding recognition vector, calculate the residue energy contribution, and compare the vector similarity with high efficiency and high accuracy. Recently she works on a project regarding the binding characterization of orthosteric compounds and structural changes with a binding of modulator.