Directory Profile

Ty A. Ridenour, PhD

Office: 3520 Forbes Avenue, 2nd Floor, Room 226

Phone: 412-864-2459


Dr. Ridenour’s training and experience diversely spans psychology and epidemiology, including Psychological Science (B.S.), School and Educational Psychology (Masters and Ph.D.), juvenile justice (six years as a counselor in a court-appointed boys residential unit), Psychiatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics (second Masters degree), drug addiction etiology (one research focus), methodology for translational research (second research focus) and selective / indicated prevention in youth. Each of his degrees emphasize statistics and methodology.

After completing an NIMH post-doctoral fellowship in 1999, Dr. Ridenour’s research has been continuously funded by NIH, mostly by NIDA. Currently, he is Director of the Translation Module of the Center for Education and Drug Abuse Research (CEDAR) at the University of Pittsburgh. CEDAR includes a diverse group of faculty representing the fields of epidemiology genetics, methodology, psychiatry, prevention, developmental psychopathology, and neuroscience. In 2011, Dr. Ridenour completed a term as Chair of the Early Career Preventionist Network and as a Board Member of the Society for Prevention Research.