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Maggie Folan, PhD

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M. Maggie Folan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy & Therapeutics at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Pittsburgh. She received her BSN from Duquesne University in 1979 and joined the Pharmacodynamic Research Center in the School of Pharmacy as a research nurse in 1988. Intrigued by the research and not satisfied to remain outside of the laboratory she began taking courses to increase her knowledge of pharmacokinetics, statistics, and experimental design. Eventually she entered the graduate program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and graduated with a PhD in 2003, joining the faculty shortly thereafter.

As Director of the Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science, which offers both the PhD and MS degrees, Dr. Folan serves as advisor to all first year students and holds a position on the Graduate Academic Affairs, Graduate Curriculum, and Graduate Program Council Committees. She directs the Graduate Education And Research at the University of Pittsburgh (GearUP) mini-graduate school weekend and the summer research program held annually for students interested in pursuing a career in research at the graduate level.

Dr. Folan is interested in increasing the international opportunities available to PharmD students during their Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience. She developed positions in collaboration with Beacon Hospital, the Royal College of Surgeons, and Farmer's Cummunity Pharmacy in Dublin, Ireland. Another interest is to increase the diversity of the PharmD population within the school. Her belief is that we need to attract excellent students in the high school years. As such, Dr. Folan is active in the “So You Want to Be a Pharmacist” program where she conducts a compounding lab for high school students as part of their day spent in the School Pharmacy.

Teaching is very dear to Dr. Folan. She coordinates the Pharmacology course for the Dental Hygiene program in the School of Dental Medicine and Compounding Lab for P2 students as part of Drug Development 3. You can find her assisting in the Profession of Pharmacy and Experiential Learning courses and Cardiology. Dr. Folan is a member of the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty, sits on the Dental Hygiene curriculum committee, the Faculty Senate Community Relations Committee, and co-chairs the PharmD admission committee.