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Lee McDermott holds a BS degree in chemistry from Patras University, a PhD degree in organic chemistry from Brown University and an MBA degree in finance from Rutgers University.

After completing postdoctoral work at Columbia University, Lee joined the Medicinal Chemistry Department of Hoffmann La Roche, Inc., where he served as a principal and senior principal scientist. As a principal and senior principal scientist, Lee optimized the SAR and DMPK properties of a number of small molecule HTS hits and through the use of molecular modeling and X-ray data designed de novo multiple small molecule series that were optimized to high quality leads under very short time frames. Lee’s work at Roche led to 23 patents and patent applications and to the identification of two clinical leads.

After 11 years with Hoffman La Roche, Lee was recruited to SmartAnalyst, Inc., a Manhattan NY pharmaceutical consulting firm. In that capacity, Lee led and participated in interdisciplinary consulting teams that were composed by members located overseas and the US for the evaluation of drug candidates for pharmaceutical industry clients. In 2011, Lee joined the faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Pittsburgh.