Office: 4224 PTC Building


Program: PhD
Track: Pharmaceutics
Advisor: Raman Venkataramanan, PhD

Graduate student PhD, 2011-present, University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy, PhD Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Anticipated defense 2015
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Sc. honors), 2006/2007, Tripoli University Tripoli, Libya. Subjects: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Higher Secondary school, 2002, Higher Secondary School of Medical Sciences Tripoli, Libya. Subjects: Physics, Organic, Analytical Chemistry, Biology, Statistics and English
Secondary school (9+3), 2001/2002, Maitiga Secondary School, Tripoli, Libya. Subjects: Basic life Sciences

2006 Community Pharmacist
2007 Medical Representative for several Pharmaceutical companies such as Bosnalijik (Bosna), ALKAN CO (egypt), EIPICO CO (egypt), NORMON CO (spain).
2008 Supervisor, Drug Marketing department (Libya), NORMON CO.
2008 – 2010 Teaching assistant, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, Tripoli University, School of Pharmacy
2011 – Present Graduate Student, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, Focus Area: Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences, Total Credits Accumulated: 72, Primary Advisor: Prof: Raman Venkataramanan, PhD

I am Graduate Student PhD in Dr. Venkat's Lab (Dr. Raman Venkataramanan). The primary goal of our research has been to identify factors that regulate the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs in organ transplant patients in order to optimize drug therapy in this patient population. My area of interest is Vascularized Composite Tissue Allo-Transplantation (VCA), My current projects investigate immunosuppressive strategies to sustain allograft survival and reduce morbidity associated with systemic immunosuppression using site specific immunotherapies.

PUBLICATIONS (Publications are in the process of submission)
2013                                   Firuz G. Feturi, Vijay Gorantla, Raman Venkataramanan
Novel strategy to overcome skin rejection in vascularized composite allo-
transplantation: Using genetically engineered Sertoli cells to produce
early skin rejection mediators inhibitors as promising alternative therapy for
systemic immunosuppressant in VCA transplant patients. Abstract # 1

2013                                   Firuz G. Feturi, Vijay Gorantla, Raman Venkataramanan
Sensitive and Specific VF Cocktail Assay for rapidly simultaneous
assessment of Rat Cytochrome P450Activities in Rat Hepatic Microsome
using LC-MS/MS for in vitro drug-disease studies. Abstract # 2

2014                                          Firuz G. Feturi, Matthias Weinstock, Wei Zhang, Jonas Schnider, Jan
A. Plock, Lisa Rohan, Alexander M. Spiess, Mario G. Solari, Lydia M.
Ferreira, Vijay S. Gorantla, Raman Venkataramanan
Permeability Studies of Mycophenolic Acid for Topical
Delivery: Formulation and In Vitro/In Vivo Characterization. Abstract # 3

2015                   Firuz G. Feturi, Yang Li, Jonas Schnider, Jan A. Plock, Alexander
Spiess, Mario G. Solari, Vijay S. Gorantla, Raman Venkataramanan
Pharmacokinetics and local tissues disposition of Tacrolimus and
Mycophenolic Acid after topical and systemic administration in rats.
Abstract # 4

2015                   Feturi, F, Unadkat JV, Schnider J, Wakako, T, Bliley J, Venkataraman
R, Solari M, Gorantla VS, Marra K, Gorantla VS, Spiess A
Locally implantable biodegradable FK506 loaded PCL disc sustain VCA
survival via allograft-targeted immunosuppression. Abstract # 5

2015                                          Firuz Feturi, Vijay Gorantla, Vincent A. Chavanon, Joseph Losee,
Mario Solari, Raman venkataramanan, Alexander Spiess.
   Correlative Metrics of Adherence to Immunosuppression in Upper
   Extremity Transplantation – The Pittsburgh Experience. Abstract # 6

2002 National horse riding competition’s award, Tripoli, Libya
2008 Excellence in Teaching, School of Pharmacy, Tripoli, Libya
2010 Scholarship for graduate studies, the Libyan ministry of graduate studies,
Tripoli, Libya
2011 Secretory/Treasure Officer of AAPS, Pittsburgh, PA
2014 Best poster award, Second place, 6th Annual Pittsburgh AAPS Student Chapters
Research Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA (Locally implantable
Biodegradable FK506 loaded PCL disc sustain long Term VCA survival
via allograft-targeted immunosuppression. Abstract # 5.
2014 Travel Award- TERMIS world Congress (tissue engineering and
Regenerative medicine international society, Washington DC,
Abstract 3
2015 Student honoree at 228th anniversary of university of Pittsburgh’s
2015                                       Best poster award, first place, AAPS Annual West Virginia AAPS Student Chapters
Research Symposium, Morgantown, WV.

June 27, 2014 Plastic Surgery Research Retreat, Pittsburgh, PA. Abstract # 3
April 17, 2015 12th Congress of the International Hand and Composite Tissues
Allotransplantation Society (IHCTAS), Philadelphia, PA. Abstracts # 3,
4 and 6

Jul 14, 2014 6th Annual Pittsburgh AAPS Student Chapters Research Symposium,
Pittsburgh, PA. Abstracts # 3 and 5
Jul 27, 2014 The World Transplant Congress, San Francisco, CA. Abstract # 4
Nov 14, 2014 American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), San
Diego, CA. Abstracts # 3 and 4
Dec 14, 2014 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society
(TERMIS), Washington DC. Abstract # 3 and 4
Nov 20, 2014 American Society of Reconstructive Transplantation (ASRT), Illinois,
Chicago. Abstract # 3 and 5
March 8, 2015 McGowan Research Retreat, Pittsburgh, PA. Abstract # 4