A Contribution to Western Pennsylvania Pharmacy

A History of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy 1878-1958

Appendix V - Disjecta Membra

Document C

Original Agreement of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy with Western University of Pennsylvania for Use of Rooms for Teaching Pharmacy

September 26, 1878

This agreement made this day September 26th, 1878 by and between George Woods for the Western University, party of the first part and George A. Kelly on behalf of The Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy, party of the second part---

Witnesseth --- That the party of the first part agrees to grant the use of Room No. 2 of the University Building for the three courses of lectures of forty each beginning on or near the first day of October and to continue twenty weeks also the service of Janitor, Coal, and Gas for the same and the apparatus and tests for the forty chemical lectures --- a part of the one hundred and twenty --- to be given by our Prof. Phillips, and the services of Prof. Phillips to give the said course of forty chemical lectures. And the party of the second part agrees to give Three Hundred Dollars in consideration of the above and ten dollars for each student who shall attend, or commence to attend the said course of Chemical Lectures.

The Three Hundred Dollars being for use of Room, Janitor service, Coal, Gas and Chemical Tests and the Ten Dollars Ticket fees for the Chemical Lectures.

George Woods, George A. Kelly, President of Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy