A Contribution to Western Pennsylvania Pharmacy

A History of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy 1878-1958

Appendix V - Disjecta Membra

Document P

A Communication from Lehn and Fink, Wholesale Drug Firm of New York

"In accordance with the long established policy of our firm to promote the Science of Pharmacy and Allied Branches, we have decided to furnish to a selected list of Colleges of Pharmacy, a gold medal to be awarded to the graduating student who, in the judgment of the faculty of the college, has attained either the highest standing in the examination in pharmacy or has done some special work in Pharmacy deserving of recognition.

Preferably, would like to reward the student who has made the best showing in some higher field as, for instance, Pharmaceutical Chemistry. We believe it would serve as a stimulus to other graduates in Pharmacy to take up the advanced studies for the degree of PH.C. In either case the prize winning essay or thesis is to be sent to us for publication in the Pharmaceutical Journals.

The medal will be solid, practically the size of a "double eagle". The face of the medal will bear the inscription, "Lehn and Fink, Inc., Medal for Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science", on the reverse side "awarded to.................... of the College of Pharmacy of.............. The name of the successful student and the respective college being engraved in the blank spaces as soon as the name of the winner is determined.

The medal will be of an original design and artistic workmanship, worthy of the College and the Donors and, we are sure, a welcome badge of honor to the recipient. Yours is one of the number of representative Pharmaceutical Institutions selected by us for the distribution of these awards to the meritorious.

Lehn and Fink, Inc.
s/ Edward Plant, President