A Contribution to Western Pennsylvania Pharmacy

A History of the Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy 1878-1958

Appendix V - Disjecta Membra

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The University's General Purposes and the School of Pharmacy's Purposes

The University's General Purposes

The University has the following purposes and aims toward its student body:

To draw out, cutivate, excite, and inspire the full development of each student.

To create an atmosphere in which students will learn to think; where faculty and students will be critical enough to be objective and at the same time have faith enough to be constructive -- where they will seek truth, solve problems, reason, and develop the power of thought.

To help students establish values through intimate acquaintance with the humanities, the arts, the natural sciences, the social sciences, and religion.

To develop the character of students-integrity, honesty, judgment, cooperation, friendliness, and good will.

To create a community of scholars where research, curiosity, free inquiry, and discovery advance knowledge.

To provide competent, well-trained professional leadership for one of the world's most important industrial areas.

To prepare men and women for citizenship in a democratic nation where freedom and liberty go hand in hand with law and justice and where responsibility, national and international, is a characteristic of the individual.

School of Pharmacy's Purposes

The School of Pharmacy has the following purposes:

To equip young men and women for successful careers in the profession of pharmacy.

To promote competency in the fundamental arts and sciences upon which pharmacy is based.

To develop proficiency in the technology of pharmacy.

To instill an appreciation for the ethical and professional obligations of pharmacists.

To cultivate the capacity to co-operate constructively with members of the other health professions.

To familiarize the student with the principles of good business in order that he may become economically competent.

To enable the student to become professionally capable of keeping abreast of, and contributing to, the advances of pharmacy in the future.

To establish habits of self-reliance and facility in group action through student organizations as a basis for future professional activities.