Dr. Olufunmilola Abraham

My research seeks to improve medication use and patient safety in the community.

  • Adolescent Health and Outcomes
  • Technology Use
  • Community Practice

Dr. Lucas Berenbrok

My research focuses on advancing how community pharmacists can deliver patient care services.

  • Medication Management
  • Point-of-care Testing
  • Immunizations

Dr. Kim Coley

My research focuses on implementing innovative pharmacy practice models in community settings.

  • Practice Innovation
  • Medication Adherence
  • Patient Outcomes

Dr. Sharon Connor

I provide care to patients in resource limited settings while promoting social justice, dignity and respect.

  • Global Health
  • Medication Access
  • Service Learning

Dr. Scott Drab

My practice and research focus on managing patients with diabetes in the community setting.

  • Patient Outcomes
  • Excellent Coordinated Care
  • Collaborative Community Practice

Dr. Philip Empey

My research program is aimed at evaluating mechanisms driving variability in drug response.

  • Translational research
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Pharmacokinetics

Dr. Deanne Hall

My focus is to develop pharmacist provided patient care and collaborative practice models.

  • Collaborative Practice
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Immunizations

Dr. Inmaculada Hernandez

I am interested in the study of clinical and economic outcomes of drugs in the real-world clinical practice.

  • Outcomes Research
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Big Data Approach

Dr. Lauren Jonkman

My passion is teaching and patient care in limited resource settings with vulnerable populations.

  • Global Health
  • Underserved Care
  • Primary Care

Dr. Melissa McGivney

My focus is transforming the way people receive medication-related care in the community.

  • Developing Practice Partnerships
  • Innovating Delivery of Patient Care
  • Researching Leading Practices

Dr. Karen Pater

My passion is engaging students in the classroom with different styles of active learning to enhance care skills.

  • Team Based Learning
  • Standardized Patients
  • Patient Care

Dr. Jan Pringle

My passion is finding ways of helping organizations learn how to improve patient care systems.

  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Behavioral Health
  • Medication Adherence

Dr. Christine Ruby-Scelsi

My passion is improving medication use and patient outcomes in older adults.

  • Geriatric Pharmacotherapy
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Stephanie Smith Cooney

President of Gatti Pharmacy

Gatti Pharmacy


Ashley Firm

Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator & Long Term Care Pharmacy Manager

Asti's South Hills Pharmacy


Gale Garmong

Adjunct Instructor & Clinical/Staff Pharmacist

Klingensmith's Drug Stores


Christine Jordan

Clinical Coordinator

Giant Eagle Pharmacy - Pittsburgh North


Trish Klatt

Director, Advanced Pharmacist Practice

UPMC St. Margaret


Kyle McCormick

Director of Patient Care

Gatti Pharmacy


Stephanie McGrath

Clinical Pharmacist

Rite Aid Pharmacy


Renee Richardson

Clinical Coordinator

Giant Eagle Pharmacy


Heather Sakely

Director of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy

UPMC St. Margaret


Ms. Renee Fry

Administrative Assistant
633A Salk Hall


Dr. Mindy Kozminski

Executive Manager Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network
647E Salk Hall


Ms. Alison Feathers

Research Specialist
662 Salk Hall


Dr. Brandon Antinopoulos

Senior Program Manager, CTSI/Giant Eagle Pharmacy
642 Salk Hall


Dr. Joni Carroll

Senior Program Manager, Community Practice Development
642 Salk Hall