Why Pitt Pharmacy for Graduate Training

The MS and PhD Programs

Our programs prepare students for positions in academia, government, and industry, Three degrees are offered: the PhD, the Thesis-based Master of Science (MS) and the recently developed Non-Thesis based MS (NTMS). The PhD program provides students with the foundation to become independent researchers as either basic scientists or clinical pharmaceutical scientists. The MS provides students the opportunity to develop basic and/or clinical research skills preparing them for entry into a PhD program or employment. The NTMS degree is a one-year program designed to prepare students for employment in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. Each degree program offers four tracks: Biochemical Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (a specialized program to train students in clinical and translational science.

MS and PhD by the Numbers FY13

  • 70 students were enrolled: 49 PhD students; 9 Master of Science students; 12 Non-Research Master of Science Students.
  • 23 new students matriculated: 7 PhD students; 4 Master of Science students; 12 Non-Research Master of Science Students.
  • 3 students received degrees in pharmaceutical sciences; 3students graduated with Master of Science degrees.
  • 29% (14/49) of the PhD students are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • 49% (24/49) of the PhD students have degrees from schools of pharmacy.
  • 12% (6/49) of the PhD students have PharmD degrees from US schools of pharmacy.
  • 4 PhD students are in their second year of competitive fellowships.
  • 6 students received regional or national awards for excellence in research.
  • 40 peer-reviewed manuscripts or book chapters were published by graduate students.
  • Graduate students gave 36 presentations at regional and national scientific meetings.
  • 14 postdoctoral fellows were engaged in research in School of Pharmacy laboratories.

The School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is one of 16 schools of the University of Pittsburgh, all of which are located on the Pittsburgh campus within easy walking distance. Our University is among the very few that have six schools of the health sciences and that are located on the same campus as the School of Engineering and the Department of Chemistry. The environment is incredibly rich in opportunities for learning and for collaborating on research. Within the School of Pharmacy, the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program brings together highly motivated domestic and international students with diverse backgrounds who seek training in medicinal chemistry, biomedical pharmacology, and pharmaceutics, as well as clinical pharmaceutical sciences. The nearly 40 students in the program learn together through coursework, seminars, and participation in graduate student life through the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly and the student chapter of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC

The Pittsburgh campus serves as the home of both the University of Pittsburgh and its partner, UPMC, one of the premier academic medical centers in the nation, and in fact, the world. Pitt is a leader in NIH funding—a universally recognized benchmark of research excellence. The University of Pittsburgh joined the distinguished ranks of the top ten NIH-funded academic institutions in 1997 and has steadily climbed the rankings within this elite group since then, now ranking number five in both number of NIH grants received and overall NIH funding. As one of the first institutions to receive an NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award, Pitt has established the Clinical and Translational Research Institute that has augmented the already outstanding infrastructure for training and supporting multidisciplinary clinical and translational researchers.

The City

Pittsburgh is a dynamic city that was recently named the best place to live in the entire country. Whether you come here to live, eat, play, or shop, Pittsburgh has it! Visit Cool Pittsburgh to learn about our city and the region.