Directory Profile

Lin Wang, MS

Office: Salk Pavilion Room 222

Phone: 412-624-4088


Program: PhD
Track: Pharmaceutics
Advisor: Lisa Cencia Rohan, PhD

Lin Wang, research manager in the Rohan Pharmaceutics Lab, is a part time PhD student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences under Dr. Lisa Rohan's supervision. She obtained her B.S. and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University in China. With over a decade of experience in new drug product development, she is specialized in preformulation, formulation research and development for variable dosage forms including tablets, capsules, gels, emulsions, liposomes, films, suppositories, analytical quality control and assessment. She has worked on numerous projects involving vaginal/rectal microbicide product developments for a wide range of microbicide candidates, including hydrophobic, hydrophilic, and small molecules and proteins. Her expertise has contributed to bring new drug products from the bench to the clinic. 

The design and application of mucosal drug delivery system with translational potentials for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease to improve global health.