Teach me to teach you (PHARM 3043)

This course is designed to expose graduate students to the art and science of teaching in higher education. This course will stimulate the graduate students to learn about various approaches (traditional method, problem based learning, simulation based learning) that can be taken to be an effective educator, and will provide the basis for the development of a teaching portfolio. The course will also discuss the course content in reference to the curriculum outcomes, technology in teaching and developing course specific materials, objectives, and assessments. The course will introduce a variety of teaching/learning strategies and will provide an opportunity for each participant to develop a micro teaching unit using one or more of the strategies.


Extract literature from appropriate bibliographic sources.

Develop presentations describing proposed research, research in progress, or research findings.

Demonstrate professionalism, interpersonal skills and collegial approaches to teamwork.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.