Introduction to translational research (PHARM 3140)

The Introduction to Translational Research in the Health Sciences course will provide students with a comprehensive survey of the processes involved in translating research discoveries into practices that promote health and prevent disease. The specific topics to be covered are listed in the lecture schedule and include the implementation of new therapies as standards of care and the application of innovative preventive services. Various research methodologies, including those encompassed in the drug, therapeutic and device development process, will be discussed. The course will offer lectures via electronic media and will use a collaborative learning approach to classroom activities.


Describe the current state of knowledge about a biomedical, clinical, or public health problem.

Defend the clinical and public health implications of a given research hypothesis.

Develop an approach to overcome barriers in translating research to humans.

Identify barriers in translating research discoveries into meaningful changes in human health.

Identify federal and non-federal agencies and programmatic initiatives aimed at translating research to clinical care of patients.

Assess the clinical implications of scientific information.

Demonstrate professionalism, interpersonal skills and collegial approaches to teamwork.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.