Foundations in pharmaceutical sciences (PHARM 3023)

The development of new drugs and new dosage forms, elucidation of mechanisms underlying drug metabolism, and assessments on drug effects and therapeutic responses have been the cornerstone of pharmaceutical sciences. Future pharmaceutical researchers will need to have a broad knowledge of molecular and cell biology of human diseases, to understand the principles of chemistry and biochemistry, and to learn enabling technologies to gain reliable information that guides research activities. This course will provide students with an overview at the cellular and molecular level on principles of pharmaceutical sciences and contemporary methodologies. Emphasis is placed on understanding of pharmaceutical research by which drugs are developed, formulated, and evaluated.


Interpret primary research literature within the pharmaceutical sciences.

Describe the drug development process.

Design appropriate experiments to address generated research questions in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Conduct appropriate experiments to address generated research questions.

Evaluate possible problems in the design and execution of a study in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Develop appropriate conclusions based on results from research data.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.