Grant writing (PHARM 3038)

Course teaches basic skills of competitive grant writing. Topics include grant structure, grant writing, and preparation of a grant budget.


Extract literature from appropriate bibliographic sources.

Critique clinical and scientific evidence derived from literature.

Describe the current state of knowledge about a biomedical, clinical, or public health problem.

Generate a relevant biomedical, clinical, public health, or translational research hypothesis.

Design appropriate experiments to address generated research questions in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Generate a plan for data security/management.

Apply fundamental principles of statistical analysis, such as power analysis, correlation, causation, regression, and summary statistics.

Identify federal and non-federal agencies and programmatic initiatives aimed at translating research to clinical care of patients.

Defend a written research proposal describing specific research aims, significance, innovation, and approach.

Prepare publication/presentation quality absracts, posters and manuscripts.

Develop an appropriate response to constructive criticism of oral and written presentations.

Recognize scientific misconduct and conflict of interest.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.