Seminar (PHARM 3024/3025)

Weekly program in which graduate students, faculty and invited speakers present seminars on topics of current interest.


Extract literature from appropriate bibliographic sources.

Critique clinical and scientific evidence derived from literature.

Describe the current state of knowledge about a biomedical, clinical, or public health problem.

Defend the clinical and public health implications of a given research hypothesis.

Generate a relevant biomedical, clinical, public health, or translational research hypothesis.

Evaluate possible problems in the design and execution of a study in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Develop appropriate conclusions based on results from research data.

Develop presentations describing proposed research, research in progress, or research findings.

Assess the clinical implications of scientific information.

Prepare publication/presentation quality absracts, posters and manuscripts.

Develop an appropriate response to constructive criticism of oral and written presentations.

Recognize the strengths and limitations of personal research skills.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.