Journal club (PHARM 3027 or 3000)

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Extract literature from appropriate bibliographic sources.

Critique clinical and scientific evidence derived from literature.

Describe the current state of knowledge about a biomedical, clinical, or public health problem.

Interpret primary research literature within the pharmaceutical sciences.

Evaluate possible problems in the design and execution of a study in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Describe the drug development process.

Apply fundamental principles of statistical analysis, such as power analysis, correlation, causation, regression, and summary statistics.

Select the appropriate statistical approach for the interpretation of preclinical and clinical datasets.

Develop appropriate conclusions based on results from research data.

Develop presentations describing proposed research, research in progress, or research findings.

Assess the clinical implications of scientific information.

Demonstrate professionalism, interpersonal skills and collegial approaches to teamwork.

* Highlight denotes properties specific to the Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences track.