Graduate Program Tracks

All students accepted to the sPhD and MS Thesis Program are accepted into a specific program track. The University is proud to offer specific areas of focused research in each of these tracks. The program tracks represent the major areas for research and training in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The pharmacology track focuses on the biochemical mechanisms responsible for drug and other xenobiotic, and gene actions on living systems, both healthy and compromised.

The clinical pharmaceutical scientist is a specialty track/program in which students with expertise in pharmacotherapeutics investigate both the clinical and mechanistic elements of drug therapy issues.

The medicinal chemistry track encompasses drug discovery and prepares you with the means to study the behavior of chemical substances at the molecular level.

The pharmaceutics track is concentrated on the study of the design of pharmaceutical dosage forms and their interaction with the human body.  Topics included are physical pharmacy, bioanalysis, drug delivery and targeting, drug metabolism, drug transport. pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

The pharmaceutical outcomes and policy research track will train students to investigate the impact and outcomes of pharmaceutical products, pharmacy services, and pharmaceutical policies across health care systems.