Group photo of th 2018-2019 PharmD student anbassadors

Ever wonder what it is like in a day of a life of a PittPharmacy student? Have questions about how to get into the program? Do you want a tour of Salk Hall? RxAmbassadors are here to help you with all of that and more! RxAmbassadors are a group of student pharmacists dedicated to helping you on your path to becoming part of the PittPharmacy community.

Our RxAmbassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, and all have different areas of interest. Come stop by Salk for a tour or to grab a cup of coffee from Rxpresso and chat with an RxAmbassador today! Information for tours can be found here, but please feel free to reach out via email to any of the RxAmbassadors listed below.

Photo of Rish Arora
  • Rishi Arora
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Chicago, Il
  • High School:Schaumburg High School
  • Favorite Class:Comprehensive Diabetes Management
  • Why PittPharmacy:I picked Pitt Pharmacy because I was looking for a urban setting to start my professional student career where the city of Pittsburgh is integrated and ingrained into Pitt. Knowing that I wanted to pursue a pharmacy career in an inpatient hospital setting, I saw how valuable it was to have a connection with UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) as well to help me personalize the education.
  • Email Address: raa139@pitt.edu

Photo of Funto Babalola
  • Funto Babalola
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • High School:Texas Academy of Math and Science
  • Favorite Class:Pharmacokinetic and Drug Response
  • Why PittPharmacy:PittPharmacy offers a number of ways for students to personalize their education. Personally, I am interested in global health which is an area of concentration that is offered. Learning about the flexibility to customize fourth - year rotations, having the opportunity to do rotations abroad, and hearing about the faculty's commitment to helping you get where you want to be encouraged me to attend PittPharmacy.
  • Email Address: olb13@pitt.edu

Photo of Jessica Hu
  • Jessica Hu
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
  • High School:Marlboro High School
  • Favorite Class:Cardiology
  • Why PittPharmacy:PittPharmacy has allowed me to explore the areas of pharmacy that are of most interest to me. From the very beginning, you can develop close relationships with professors, participate in their research, and work alongside with faculty and peers. You have the opportunity to personalize your education at PittPharmacy and learn form the very best!
  • Email Address: gjh24@pitt.edu

Photo of Esther Hwang
  • Esther Hwang
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Boise, Idaho
  • High School:Timberline High School
  • Favorite Class:Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Why PittPharmacy:"I choose PittPharmacy because of all the resources and opportunities that it provides. No matter what path you want to take, PittPharmacy will help you explore it and hone in on your interests. The faculty and other students genuinely want to see you succeed so we all help each other out. I also love the campus and the city and enjoy my time in and outside of the school - best of both worlds!"
  • Email Address: yeh14@pitt.edu

Photo of Kimberly Landsittel
  • Kimberly Landsittel
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Irwin, PA
  • High School:Franklin Regional & Norwin High Schools
  • Favorite Class:Infectious Diseases
  • Why PittPharmacy:I really enjoyed my undergrad experience at Pitt and was very excited to be able to stay at Pitt for Pharmacy school as well. The program has many opportunities available for shadowing, and many other ways to pursue your interest outside the classroom . Pitt also uses activities like SimMan and standardized patients to help students what they learned in the classroom in a unique way.
  • Email Address: kll61@pitt.edu

Photo of Caleb Lynch
  • Caleb Lynch
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Johnstown, PA
  • High School:Richland High School
  • Favorite Class:Pharmacotherapy of Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Why PittPharmacy:I choose PittPharmacy not only because I fell in love with the city as an undergraduate student, but also due to the vast resources we are provided with to advance ourselves as student pharmacists. With access to the city and to the UPMC Hospital systems, the possibilities for ways to gain new and worthwhile experiences are endless.
  • Email Address: cfl12@pitt.edu

Photo of Madison McConnell
  • Madison McConnell
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • High School:Oakland Catholic High School
  • Favorite Class:Infectious Diseases
  • Why PittPharmacy:I wanted to find a community where I could help patients but also utilize my love of chemistry, biology and anatomy on a daily basis. PittPharmacy gives me the ability to follow my personalized path towards a fulfilling profession.
  • Email Address: mgm62@pitt.edu

Photo of Julianne Mercer
  • Julianne Mercer
  • Year:P1
  • Hometown: Hempstead, NY
  • High School:Uniondale High School
  • Favorite Class:Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy:PittPharmacy provides endless opportunities in personalize your education and characterize your journey as a future pharmacist. These aspects are of many unique and exciting qualities that attracted me to the program . It's amazing how much is offered. Hail to Pitt!
  • Email Address: jam486@pitt.edu

Photo of Kathy Monangai
  • Kathy Monangai
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Roseland, NJ
  • High School:Academy of Saint Elizabeth
  • Favorite Class:Literature and Film to Understand Patient-Practitioner Experiences
  • Why PittPharmacy:I fell in love with Pittsburgh during my undergraduate years here. I knew I wanted a pharmacy program that had a teaching hospital associated with it, opportunities to specialize my coursework for a pediatric pharmacy career, and other reputable health sciences programs at the university to collaborate with.
  • Email Address: kem173@pitt.edu

Photo of Hailey Mook
  • Hailey Mook
  • Year:P2
  • Hometown: Erie, PA
  • High School:McDowell High School
  • Favorite Class:Pharmacist Patient Care
  • Why PittPharmacy:PittPharmacy is a top rated program and the alumni are successful individuals in the world of pharmacy. There is so much tradition found in the university and in the School of Pharmacy that is felt right to continue my education her at Pitt. You are given so many opportunities to personalize your education , whether it's through research or through unique experiences, you are fully able to become the kind of pharmacist you want.
  • Email Address: hnm14@pitt.edu

Photo of Mega Patel
  • Megha Patel
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Harrisburg, PA
  • High School:Middletown Area High School
  • Favorite Class:Cardiology
  • Why PittPharmacy:I wanted to have direct patient care contact while also being able to use my clinical knowledge.
  • Email Address: map273@pitt.edu

Photo of Spencer Schlecht
  • Spencer Schlecht
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Marion, OH
  • High School:Hilliard Davidson High School
  • Favorite Class:Drug Discovery/Pharmacy Innovations
  • Why PittPharmacy:PittPharmacy stuck out to me not only as a top ten school, but also as an institution that valued innovation and opportunity for willing students. I did not know what I wanted to do going into pharmacy and still don’t know frankly, but I know that surrounding myself with the right people is what I need to do to find success and is why I am here today!
  • Email Address: sgs38@pitt.edu

Photo of Dan Schrum
  • Dan Schrum
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
  • High School:Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Favorite Class:Infectious Diseases
  • Why PittPharmacy:I choose PittPharmacy because of the prestige of the program and its national rank. Additionally, the school's clinical reputation and affiliations are unparalleled for students looking for patient-centric learning."
  • Email Address: danschrum@pitt.edu

Photo of Julianna Slomer
  • Julianna Slomer
  • Year:P3
  • Hometown: Butler, PA
  • High School:Knoch High School
  • Favorite Class:Self Care
  • Why PittPharmacy:Pitt is ranked among the most prestigious pharmacy school in the country! I knew Pitt would offer me the best opportunities and experiences to become a successful pharmacists and innovator, so it was an obvious choice.
  • Email Address: jes230@pitt.edu

Photo of Leia Stephenson
  • Leia Stephenson
  • Year:P2
  • Hometown: Warren, NJ
  • High School:Watchung Hills Regional High School
  • Favorite Class:Principles of Drug Action
  • Why PittPharmacy:I choose PittPharmacy because there are many opportunities to personalize your education within the curriculum as well as through extracurricular activities. After only one year in pharmacy school, I have been able to take two elective classes, perform research and have many direct patient interactions. The freedom and opportunity you have to explore your interests make PittPharmacy one of best pharmacy schools around.
  • Email Address: ljs93@pitt.edu

Photo of Melanie Umbaugh
  • Melanie Umbaugh
  • Year:P2
  • Hometown: DuBois, PA
  • High School:DuBois Area High School
  • Favorite Class:Pharmacists Patient Care
  • Why PittPharmacy:I was very impressed by the direct patient care experiences that are embedded in the PittPharmacy curriculum fro the very first semester. I also liked the connection with UPMC, The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
  • Email Address: msu1@pitt.edu